Illustrations part 2


I was able to finally squeeze a little bit of time in the past couple of days to do something creative (and boy did i miss the ‘design‘ process). I still have my Illustrator training wheels on but I was able to churn this out:

These are quite random like my last effort. And like anything else, the more you use, the better you get with it. I would like to think that I am getting a little bit better with designing in Illustrator as I get accustomed to the tools (a natural progression from practice).

One thing that I really need to remind myself constantly is to use Pen and Paper before hitting Illustrator (per that first design). More often than not, pen and paper really reinforces the discipline on a quick design process i.e. rapid prototyping (and I have used this approach alongside the Pomodoro technique).  The end outcome? Quick designs, or quick fails as the case may be.

I have also uploaded my designs on Behance.

Once I get a good handle on Illustrator, I’ll switch over the Photoshop (trust that it won’t be ‘as hard’).


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