3 Places I would like to be

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I’ve been working a fair bit lately and even missed a public holiday this week (the entire team worked on that day). All I can do these days it seems is gaze at a few places and daydream.

Here are my top destinations that have taken my fancy:



Mountains, valleys, hills, bodies of water, green grass and crisp air. I could probably even yodel and no one would ever notice how bad I am with it.

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

I can also picture great wine, fresh olives, fresh bread, lots of laughter with family and friends. Ah, and no internet. Just a book and a pen and paper will do me.

Milky Way over Iceland

Milky Way over Iceland

I would park the car by the side of the road and gaze at the stars all night. This is absolutely stunning and calming. In fact, all these destinations are.

I’ve also just noticed that all of these places are in Europe. Makes it particularly difficult when you’re on the other side of the world.

Here’s to dreaming.

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