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I once lived in the outside world where we had 4 seasons in a year. We went to the beach in summer to keep cool, stayed indoors during winter to keep warm and enjoyed the balance during spring in autumn. Life was a like a breeze that gently welcomed you when the seasons changed.

But then the world got warm. In fact things got really HOT and we are now stuck in one scorching summer.

It is now SO hot that we had to stay indoors in our underground dwellings. The cities above ground are long forgotten and only shadows dare move at night when temperatures cooled.

The sea levels rose consuming a large part of our coastal towns leaving most of the land isolated, uninhabitable and derelict for years. We had to go underground.

We had to adapt.

I have not seen the sun for years now. I do miss her, but she has been impossible to get along with.

And so we stay hidden beneath the earth away from her, waiting for the day her anger subsides.

…waiting for the day we can reconcile and be together again.

– A short poem for tomorrow –

n.b. I had the spare 10, so churned this out. It is a warm 25 in the middle of winter down here in Sydney – one very scary record.

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