Sydney Harbour Sculptures

What's Up?

After a rough start to the weekend (it was raining) it cleared up at midday on Saturday to a beautiful 21 degree winter day. The weather stayed wickedly nice on Sunday and it was just perfect for the Harbour Sculptures. Being on its final day, I thought it would be best if we saw it bright and early and so my son and I headed straight to Hunters Hill to see the sculptures that a few were talking about.

And we were not disappointed.

I was quite proud of this shot which really said it all:

Ah, here he is again

The lonely fisherman strikes back

I kid you not guys, this is winter in Sydney: 21-22 degrees of tropical perfection. It’s quite scary when you try to extrapolate the climate forward to another 15-20 years. summer will be unbearable, and we might have to think about living underground rather than above it like some animals do (I like summer but I don’t fancy 40-degree days).

But until then, I’ll live with the fabulous winter day.

On the way back, I had to wind my window down and take this quick snap of the Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church just because.

Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church

Hope you’re having great weather wherever you are.


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