You’ve been Unfollowed


Why do I follow people on Twitter?

I use it for news feed, to read the latest business news, tech updates, design and development trends.

What do people who I follow do on Twitter?

For most, they tweet updates on their specific area(s) of speciality e.g. Bloomberg will tweet about financial news, will tweet about WordPress developments, a leading tech guy will tweet about IT trends and so on.

Occasionally however, some people (not usually companies or organisations) will tweet and express their opinion on something random that they care about or something that is directly affecting them. I get this and I do want to hear about interests outside their brand, but..

What will make me unfollow people who I follow on Twitter?

Hard views on various issues. For example I used to follow design people who have retweeted their stance on the Israeli-Palestinian war. Although I realise that everyone has a view on certain areas, I believe that if you have branded yourself as designer, muso, or something other than a politician, then that’s probably not the reason why you have x amount of followers to begin with. I see this as confusing your brand identity which, in my case, is misleading this follower.

BAM! Unfollow. There are many other people to follow who stick to their brand. People are a brand whether they realise it or not (and like it or not).

That’s just one example of a hard view. There are plenty of others out there that touch on different topics that are borderline preachy. They’ve been unfollowed too.

And by the way, War is not cool on all fronts.


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