Illustrations via prototypes


Hot on the heels of my 1st Adobe Illustrator experiment come these 2 illustrations I put together in Codepen:

running baby


Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 8.52.06 pm

Happy G

Associated links:

(please do click on those links – the baby one is particularly cute)

The exercise was to time myself and determine what takes the most amount of time: creating designs in Adobe Illustrator or rapid prototyping. The results:

Adobe Illustrator: 5x mock-ups in an hour
Codepen1st Siri pen in 30 minutes, 2nd Bubba pen 1.5 hours
The Winner: Illustrator.

I’ll take those results with a grain of salt though as there might be a need to implement an Illustrator design into actual code – which means that one would have to design in Illustrator THEN design in html / css / javascript. That’s double the time!

But of course one could just as easily deploy the Illustrator file ‘as is’ on the net as an image.

The battle (experimentation) continues..

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