Sydney painting part 1: Hug your Donkey

Street Walks

chuffed that I tracked down this post from Kaffeine which depicts the making and the finished work of ‘The Girl and her Pony’ (featured in my Street Walks series:


I recently spent some time in beautiful Sydney, painting walls. I had been wanting to visit and paint for a while, + this time I managed to spend nearly 2 weeks there with plenty of paint at hand.

I hit the first wall on my first day there; it was warm, still + sunny, as it has been on every single visit I’ve made to the city.  I was thrilled to be painting a fantastic large wall in a great location, in the gentle Sydney sunshine. It felt like an extended summer holiday. I had been lulled into a false sense of security about the weather, however; after two full days of the glittering sun to which I had become accustomed, Sydney weather turned on me…

Marking out the image Marking out the image

In progress, photo thanks to 'Frogwentwest' In progress, photo thanks to ‘Frogwentwest’

With no more than a spray-jacket to protect me from the torrential rain which…

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