Street Walks #18: The Magic Continues

Street Walks

Another Saturday gone and another round of snaps were taken to show off the world of wall murals in Sydney’s Inner West.

This time around, I walked behind the very popular Black Star in Newtown where their watermelon, strawberry and rose petals have the tourists coming in droves (I kid you not, people come in from all over Sydney for this piece of paradise).

Here’s a look into that special slice:

My personal favourite however is the Vegan Chocolate Popcorn cake:

(yes, that’s popcorn on top)

Now that’s something I’ll drive around for (but it’s really just a 10 minute walk for me…make that a very dangerous 10 minute walk i.e. death by dessert).

And now onto our wall mural (I get easily distracted by those cakes). I parked at the back of Black Star where this monstrous wall mural lies:

Alley landscape

p.s. I could have edited the garbage bins out but that would be faking the feel of this back street.

That wall was fairly evident (you can’t really miss it). But just along a side street that connects up with this wall, is this not-so-evident smaller wall of Tintin (among other cartoon luminaries).

This mini mural really made my day:

Tin Tin's

Now how good is that?

It’s almost as good as those desserts.


3 thoughts on “Street Walks #18: The Magic Continues

    1. Thanks for writing in.

      Don’t get me wrong, the watermelon-strawberry-rose-petal slice is pretty nice. It’s quite unique and the queues can get pretty crazy just for that.

      But the popcorn-chocolate is underrated imo. The richness of the chocolate is offset by the thin slice and the carmelised popcorn is just such a nice welcome surprise :)

      1. My personal preference is like 95% inclined towards chocolate & I hate fruit per se, although I can tolerate some in cake.
        & my personal preferences tend to be different from what’s most popular in general…

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