Very Pinteresting architectural designs


I’ve been on Pinterest for about 2 or so months now and it’s a nice platform to just pin some cool images on a board – and not much else from what I gather. The social features are lacking outside the standard Find Friends and Follow Boards. And guess what? It’s perfect uninterrupted scanning of pics of fave subjects.

With that said, it is high time that I share my favourite architecture and design board with you.

Modern Living

I quite like the fact that this design allows for a lot of natural light to come through. It is not only a great design but it saves on energy consumption.

Modern Living Space

Modern steel

This might be an overkill for some and it may look a little bit tired after a month, but for now, I’m dreaming of going up and down these iron babies all the day long.

Steel Steps

The Great Outdoors

This design is just built for the Australian way of life. Well, come to think of it, it’s built for anyone that fancies the great outdoors and entertaining family and friends.

Now go on then and ‘throw another shrimp in the barbie‘.

Outdoor kitchen

It’s all Natural

The combination of wood, stones indoors and green directly outside, just does it for me. Nature will always have a place in my household (or at least in this dream design).

The feel of nature indoors

The Conservatory

If I was to have a conservatory, it would look like this; with a lot of natural light, greens and timeless decor. Looks like a quaint little place for morning and afternoon tea.

Now that’s a Conservatory

New Wood

Now this is slick from the interior to exterior. The pavement and trees out the front and the finishing sure look mighty fine from these eyes.

It’s a shame I couldn’t find more pictures on the interior though.

This may be an ongoing series of Pinterest shares as I accumulate them. Hope you liked the designs as much as I enjoyed sharing them.


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