Pair Learning

Business & Tech

Here’s a pitch for everyone that is keen on learning design and development.

Are you:

  1. Learning front end web development (1-year and less)
  2. Touching HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Sass, Illustrator and Photoshop
  3. Fine with focussing on 1 of the languages above but flexible enough to swap with someone else
  4. Learn this way: code, ‘What was element again?’, Google, back to coding.. (this gets tiring on your own)
  5. OK with 2-3 hour time commitment per week (not big)

Then I would like to work with you.

going up


Here’s what I plan to do: If I find an interested party, then I will sign up to a CodePen premium account, choose a project and start pair learning together.

I am looking for 2-3 other people with time commitment of perhaps 2-3 hours or so a week (as mentioned). If you come in, ideally one person would be working on HTML, another on CSS and possibly another person on JS / JQuery (depending on what comes out of the project).  But on a wider scale, I am looking to build a community for avid learners.

There are a couple of setup tasks I need to do on my side prior to getting this off and rolling including creating the project site, the purpose, the structure etc. For example:

I am even open to collaborating on the points above if you want to shape the idea with me.

I tried to float this idea before on this post and now, I want to make this happen.


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