What’s going on? Autumn-Winter 2014

What's Up?

Yes it’s winter down here in Australia and after a cool start, the winter temperatures haven’t been too bad. According to some reports, it’s been hottest May month in May on record.

However the winter chill has finally hit as snow ploughed through our mountains and the wind ripped across the bottom part of Australia. It’s a good time to do a reflective post on what’s been going down.

Time after Time

On the work front

I just moved to a new project which has been eating up a truck-load of energy.

Typically projects have a delivery time of 2 years (concept-to-delivery). For this new project, we’ve been given 90 days. That’s right, 3 months is all we’re getting. It goes without saying that it’s been an absolute challenge so far.

And we’re using an Agile framework for this project, which is quite challenging when the rest of the organisation is used to delivering projects using Waterfall.

Lots of fun-times ahead no doubt.

On the home front

Watched the Australia versus Chile World Cup game at the Enmore theatre (big screen, loads of people, great atmosphere). And although we lost – booooo – it was an exciting game while it lasted.

That very same day was Supanova day (our equivalent of Comicon) and I was thrilled to meet Richard Kiel aka Jaws from the Roger Moore James Bond days. I was a big BIG fan of James Bond back in the day and Jaws was one of my favourite villains.

Terry Molloy (Dr. Who) and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) were also there and we, my son, his friend and I, got to meet them (the guys were thrilled to meet them).

We missed out on Stan Lee though, but I know my sister sacrificed an hour of her time as well as $$$ for meeting ‘The Man‘.

On the online design-development front

I haven’t progressed learning online as much as I would have liked.

BUT I have been getting in a lot of practical work putting together my online cv.

I also just purchased an Apple Mac Pro (one of the BEST investments with technology I have ever made). From boot time to visuals in my 15-inch to overall user experience; it is just sooo good. I’m looking forward to using Illustrator and Photoshop on it shortly.

I have grand plans to do something with all these new online skills sometime in the future which is also the reason why I have been going to a lot of Meetups. Design and development skills won’t equate to much if you can’t talk to real people.

On the down side

Unfortunately I was also conned into producing an ebook for free. Yes conned; I entered into a contract to write an ebook (based on trading) which I completed on my side, but the client didn’t honour the contract i.e. they took my ebook and skipped town. I’m taking it in stride though and chalking it up under hard lessons learned. It was only the other day where I read that ‘in life I never lose; it’s either I win or I learn something new‘. This is obviously the latter but I would rather learn it sooner rather than later.

It was still a big OUCH though.

Until later, trust in god – but always lock your car.

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