Matt Mullenweg speaks

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An opportunity to sit in on a Matt Mullenweg talk only comes once in a blue moon. And as Matt reminded us during the Sydney WordPress meetup held at the Australian Technology Park last night, it only comes once every 6 years – he last came in 2008 and stated that he might come back in 2020 (insert grain of salt here).

So when the meetup was announced to sit in on this unique opportunity, I jumped straight at it.

The Australian Technology Park

This was my first evening event at the ATP and for those who are not familiar with the park, this used to be the old depot for Sydney passenger trains.


There’s a heavy focus on technology and other creatives in the grounds, so the setting was just right to host a WordPress meetup with Matt.

The Man

Matt’s presentation itself was informative as he went through the history of WordPress to what it is today and its future.

I came into this without reading the history of Matt-WordPress so was pleased to know that Matt’s an avid jazz fan and musician (something we have in common). I also learned that he started to code by picking up tricks here and there and contributing to b2/cafelog. Yes, I could have read it from the Wiki page but hearing it first hand from the man himself is so much better.

I managed to take a couple of snaps from 3 rows back:

Matt with WordPress laptop

Matt and his WordPress laptop


Matt presenting

I managed to find a pic of the custom-built laptop with a WordPress logo (from the first photo)

WP Laptop (courtesy of Matt.Files)

Super-cool! This made a few of us to take our mobile phones out and take pictures – to which Matt quipped that in Korea, people like taking pictures of him but in Australia…

Unfortunately I could not hang around for a chat and a beer at the corner pub after the meetup with Matt and my fellow WordPressers BUT I would just like to congratulate WordPress Sydney Meetup organisers for a fantastic event. Great job guys!

And of course a big thank you to Matt for making his way down under. You seriously have to break out of the 6 year cycle.

…at least try halving it.


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