The Online CV part 1


I challenged myself once again almost a week ago and that’s just enough time to publish my first post of the challenge.

Behance placeholder

First thing’s first: Put a placeholder in Behance.

Since I am using Behance to show off my work, then it’s a no-brainer to publish a placeholder on what we’re working on. Behance has got to be one of my favourite social sites as it focuses on all types of creativity from Web Design, to Game Design, to Photography and pretty much every art-form out there under the sun.

Checking out new releases is a great source of inspiration.

p.s. I know Dribbble is out there too but I’ll sit with Behance…for now.

Pen & Paper Mockup

First step in design is to create some mockups, weed out the bad designs fast and stick to a few which you can refine further. Now I did just that on some other pages (not shown here) but have just kept 2 simple designs to iterate with until one final design stands out:

I’ll be riding with one of the first 2 CV patterns for the final design which I’ll produce in PowerPoint (I would use KeyNote but I won’t be getting the Mac Pro until the end of the month. But then again I’ll probably use Photoshop and Illustrator when I do get the Mac Pro). Here’s some explanation: Design pattern explained This is a mockup guys; it’s not meant to be perfect.

The titles are not final, the descriptions are not final and the designs are not final. The point is to pit out your best designs against each other and fail fast for the designs that do not make the cut i.e. as opposed to investing a lot of time developing a design that fails to meet the requirements.

At this point in time, I am favouring the 2nd design pattern over the one above.

One thing I am still struggling with though is the ‘Competencies‘ section; I just don’t like these patterns as they’re all too common:



So I’ll keep iterating on this section and see if I come up with better design patterns.

The Next Episode

In my next post, I will be covering high fidelity designs and possibly first iteration of the actual content.

Let’s see how we go with this; I’m aiming for a month turnaround but only if I’m satisfied with the quality.

PC MMAAbout this challenge
This is part of my constant evolution as a web designer / developer. Practice makes perfect and I’m a long way off. But I’m stepping on the gas and constantly move forward.

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