Time for a NEW design challenge


It wasn’t long ago that I challenged myself to produce 3x designs per month and get it out there on Behance. The aim of that was to sharpen up my design and development skills in short time frame (and I felt that I did do just that).

Time for a New Challenge

So yes, it is time to introduce my next design challenge

Now it’s time for something new. This time, I will not be putting down any constraint on ‘time‘ i.e. no 3x a month churn. The constraint this time will be based on ‘quality‘; I need to keep working on my designs, work on my coding and evolve as a designer/developer. Here’s the challenge:

Aim: Create an online CV.

There’s a few out there that I admire like Stephen Years, and Pascal van Gemert. (note, I don’t ever think I’ll have time and patience to create something like Robby’s Super Mario CV – but I do appreciate it LOTS)

Success Criteria:
1. Sharp Presentation
2. Simplicity
3. Online Writing

Expected timeframe: around a month


What I plan to do is:

  1. Create a placeholder page then drop it in Behance
  2. Whip out pen and paper and draft the idea
  3. Wireframe and play with design (no idea what tool I’ll be using yet)
  4. HTML, CSS and JS mockups (in Codepen)
  5. Review and finalise (Bit Balloon)

The final product should be GitHubabble. (bit silly, I know).

I have always wanted the freedom to create a CV without the constraints of keeping it formal. Let’s see what we come up with.

Ideally I want to get this done in a month but I’m so pressed for time so let’s see how we go.

And finally I am now past the churn phase of squeezing 3 designs a month (which I found exhausting in the end and bothersome with my busy schedule). The training wheels are off: this site has got to work, look good and must be responsive to the user’s device. The quality has to be better than any of the prior 3 months work.

An aside

I was looking at different effects that I could use for this challenge and stumbled on to the Parallax Scroll. Then I thought: “Wow, this would be perfect for my evolution image!” So to be honest, I’ll focus on creating my online CV but might work on this on the side.

I will start the challenge shortly. Stay tuned for more details.

PC MMAAbout this challenge
This is part of my constant evolution as a web designer / developer. Practice makes perfect and I’m a long way off. But I’m stepping on the gas and constantly move forward.

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