Kids react to REALLY OLD computers

Business & Tech

This is sooooo good, that it must be shared:

Some choice quotes:

Cool! I like pressing buttons!

– a kid when first presented with the REALLY old computer

Apps, Games, Websites…but this thing right here has NOTHING!

– a kid after turning on the computer

That is too many steps!

– that same kid after being told that they need to hit the ‘reset’ button before the command gets executed

Where’s the mouse?

Host:  “..everything is done by the keyboard”


– A kid after looking for the mouse


– The computer’s response to a kid typing in ‘Google’

How do you look up homework?

Host: “You have to go to the library”

Who wants to do that?

– A kid after realising she couldn’t do research i.e. no internet

There are so many other nuggets in here which really made my morning. Hope it makes yours.

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