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A little while ago, I branched out my site into 2: Market Measures Australia forked out and became and my original site became I tried to explain it here BUT have had to deal with some troublesome side-effects:

  • Files did not migrate
  • Images did not come across.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than when a new reader lands, reads and receives a 404 or a broken link message.

So just to ensure I don’t lose the original intent on why I went down the path of branching one site into two, I am putting up this post on some of my old work:

Banking a Deal infographics

Here’s the original post that started it all (Banking a Deal).

Equity and Valuation Models

Filemma-real-people-equities-analyst (click to open)

Relates to: The Equities Analyst

Filemma-real-people-valuation-analyst (click to open)

Relates to: The Valuation Analyst

I’ll be back

Just like Arnold in Expendables 3, I will be back and open this series in the near future.


In fact I do want to include these within my new corner conversation format (Go to search > “Corner Conversation”) which is essentially the same as my old ‘Interviews’ format – but in crisp, more  concise format.

But just like everything else, let’s see how we go with time.

p.s. If you do see anything strange, do give me a shout out and I’ll check it out (just like Arnie).



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