Street Walks # 15: The Completion of ‘The Urban Monkeys’


I finally got to meet Mary Casey on the weekend and watch the master finish the distinctive and refreshing Urban Monkeys wall mural in Sydney’s Inner West.

I am quite thrilled to present the finished work here as part of this site:



Note: the MS initials stands for Multiple Sclerosis, a worthy cause that Mary Casey supports.

I quite like how MC has kept the monkey’s body in an alluring red, because as she says ‘it makes it pop out a bit more‘. I couldn’t agree more and works well with the ‘urban‘ background.

And I would like to thank MC once again for inviting me watch her finish this awesome piece. Be sure to check out her other work here.

About PC

PC Street WalkStreetwalker extraordinaire who takes time to breathe, stop and appreciate his surroundings.

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”

– Dorothy Parker

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