How does one know when they’re on a roll?

I am supposed to be on a schedule, and I should be learning Ruby on Rails now. BUT it appears that I have grossly underestimated – LIFE. My mornings keep getting hijacked with all sorts of stuff.


I thought I was on a roll last week with my schedule. But what constitutes a roll?

It’s definitely not having just one good day of productivity.

It’s not even having 2 good days. That could be just luck.

A roll could be 3 straight days. Yes it could still be luck, but at least it’s broken the 2 day hoodoo.

My definition of being on a ‘ROLL’

I’ll officially say that I’m on a roll when I have one good month of at least 3-5 days dedicated time for doing the things on plan. And at this point in time, that’s design and development study and practice. Anything less is a failure in the foundational year goal of being a good designer with core competencies in front end web development.

I’ll be kicking goals if I hit that one good month!


The good thing is I believe I know what I have to do. I need to cut some of the other things I’m doing and focus more at the task at hand.

And no, it doesn’t include cutting this blog. This blog is a KEEPER.


What's Up?

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