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Today’s Resumes

Curiosity got the better of me when I stumbled upon this infographic  CV set.  This made me ask the question: “What do CV’s look like these days?”

I did a quick Google on “resume 2014” and posts like this turn up. These are good but are all too common.

Here’s another one that provides templates specific for the Australian market which is a little more useful. I have taken one of their templates as talking point for my discussion slides below where I overlay my thoughts.

That’s more of an analysis piece on CV templates as it stands now; but it does not really give one an indication of what CV styles one should apply now.

Or does it?

CV Trends

This post for example provides some trends one ought to think about when shaping your new resume. Some of these can be applied today – like vivid storytelling and LinkedIn specific content.

Others like cutting-edge resume design and color are trickier to apply. Although I’m a fan of these trends, I believe these are more industry and culture-specific. These would not necessarily translate into other industries and cultures.

For example it would be quite difficult to be taken seriously if you over-style your banking CV – we like more vanilla off-the-shelf templates. But you might be able to do this for a web designer CV. CV’s must be fit-for-purpose after all.

Github CV

“Git out of here!”

If you’re working in technology then you might have heard  about what John Resig had to say about taking Github CVs.

And although he clarifies his position in that post, the point has really been driven home; if you want to stand out over and above the rest, you better do something that demonstrates just that.

What time is it?

And as a parting comment – the best time to polish your CV is before you need it.  Every big achievement as they come to light should be detailed as it arrives. Making the change when you need your CV usually leaves you scrabbling to remember your crucial details.

And besides during these times, you would rather focus on the interview itself and other things on your plate.

That reminds me, what’s mine looking like these days? Hmm…

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This post is part of my Up the Ladder category which focuses on career management and development.

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