Personal posts are the toughest things to write. Those that are reflective in nature are even tougher. Who am I and how did I get here? Why do write? And why do I publish my writings on the web? Why should anyone listen?

These are great questions which I will attempt to answer.

Who am I and how did I get here?

Sometime ago I was finishing my Masters and got into the habit of dedicating time for studies. I used to hit the books in the morning and enjoyed the feeling of learning something new and having accomplished something early in the day.

After my studies, I decided to relax a little and enjoy life. Not long after that however, I began to ask myself, ‘alright, what’s next?’  I thought about a lot of things but no BIG CHALLENGE really stood above the rest.

And so I thought about blogging to keep myself occupied for the time being. Things started off with my Job Market reports and my Interviews. But then I got a little distracted with social media when I started tinkering with Tumblr and G+. The job market reports and interviews declined much to my dismay, and re-blogs from these mediums ensued. I called a stop to it early this year and said goodbye to Tumblr while tapering off my activity in G+.

Unfortunately that meant less activity for this blog (but my current studies has a lot to do with this too).

Here’s an infographic of my journey so far:About Me

I am in the midst of reinventing myself and this blog as you can see.

Why do I write?

Simply because it comes naturally just like breathing.

We blog just like we used to keep journals and diaries. It’s ‘freedom of thought’ and helps remove the clutter in one’s mind. Sometimes it’s for someone. Other times it’s for no one at all.

I am not monetising this blog. There was a time when I included advertisements but that really went against the reason why I write – and so I took it off.

Why do I publish my writings on the web?

I could just keep a diary. I could even publish privately. I guess it’s in my nature to share; and in this case, it’s my thoughts. It would be a great feeling if someone gets something from these posts. But it would be totally OK too if posts go out without any likes.

I guess these days, I would really want to use this blog more about my personal development into front end web development and design. More on this a little bit later.

Why should anyone listen?

You might be interested in the web and how it works, just like I do. In that case, I should have some posts for you.

You may want to hear some of my struggles as I push forward in learning how to code.  Or you might be trying to find ways to inspire yourself, or to make something out of yourself; we share the same drive in that case.

You might want to hear about my crazy buddy Dave in The Travel Bug. It’s such a different way of living to most people I know (including my own) which makes it a great read (if I don’t say so myself).

You might want to hear the latest in the Australian Job Market or hear about Interesting People. In that case, I’ll keep on adding that content on my other site (with occasional references here).

You might have an annoying problem about aesthetics and how things look and appear. In that case, I post about designs and general creatives in various forms from street art, to architecture and to my own designs in this blog.

Or you might like surprises. I do that to myself often when I publish random posts.

Who are the people that inspire me?

Way too many to list in the universe of Behance designs, Flickr snaps, musicians and admirable people. I will try to answer this with what is in my head at this point-in-time:

  1. Gabriela Herman, photographer. Her works stick in my head even after all the Flickr’s that have passed through. That’s a hard feat. Outstanding!
  2. Andrew Tarcon, web designer. A recent addition which I am listing for his clean, modern and well designed projects. I want to be like this guy in a year’s time.
  3. Harbin 77, blogger. His world becomes my world. I feel family and all the warm love when I read his posts. And I get withdrawals when I don’t read updates.
  4. Guada Molina, BIG dreamer. Get into her Alice and Wonderland imagination and feel the magic! It’s the closest thing to being a kid again.
  5. Trent Walton, Mr Layout. Known for his typography in the developer community, I really like how his blog presents and reads.

I am inspired by a LOAD more but thought to keep this list in context of this post.

At some point, I will add my inspirations as a page on this blog – I like keeping inspirational references when I need a little boost.

Does that answer the question?

I sure hope that this at least gives you a better understanding of who I am and where I am going with this blog.

I am thankful to the 500+ subscribers out there in my little community. You might have followed me at different points and I know the content has changed. But I hope that I can still contribute something that you find useful or something that you enjoy. I am sure looking forward to sharing more things soon.



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