New Pages

I have added a couple of new pages in this blog:

The To Do’s is really there to keep me honest and stay focussed.

The Portfolio is show my a page where I can stick my web design portfolios, strangely enough. I don’t really have anything to stick here at the moment. All I have so far is my Web Design projects, which I’m treating as practice more than anything. I’ll start hooking up work after the Web Design project finishes (so June onwards).

CSS Customization in WordPress

I am not sure how many of you are using custom WordPress (i.e. I purchased a Custom Upgrade) but I just spent the last 30 minutes working out how to select a specific page to design. I stumbled on this WordPress help page which was useful in troubleshooting custom CSS (although I still had to play around in Google Chrome / development tools to identify the CSS class selectors – this was tedious).

I would be curious to learn how many people are out there customizing WordPress this way..? And if so, how are you finding it? Happy to hear any experiences / tips on how others go about customizing WordPress CSS.


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