Went out and Wagaya Tapas @ Newtown last night and as usual, the assortment of sushi and other tapa dishes were fresh and delish, the service was friendly and snappy, and the whole place was buzzing with weekend diners.

We’ve been here a couple of times now and we haven’t been disappointed yet (and I don’t we will in the future).

I’m not one to take food snaps, but here’s a snap courtesy of Urban Spoon:

The Entrance to Wagaya actually featured in a prior post – Street Walks #2, the photo of the Archer:


Nothing tops our night off better than having a gelato, coffee and a chat at Cow and the Moon, which is gelato shop in Sydney’s Inner West.

Cow and the Moon sign

I believe it won a few awards around Australia and the place gets quite heavy with patrons particularly when there’s a band playing at The Enmore which is next door.

On this particular night, The Wailers were playing and so there were fair few people out who were going to catch the gig. Luckily, we were able to grab a table before the crowd set in:

Moo TableOur table

Cow and the Moon inside

The view inside

And in case you were wondering, here’s a sample of artisan gelato they serve:

Tempting right? And the flavours are not overly sweet. The blood orange tastes like real blood orange. The pistachio tastes like real pistachio. The variety and flavours are simply excellent!

On the way back to the car, I could not resist taking a snap of this unique little thing on the wall:
SpookIt kind of reminds me of Inky from Pacman. Now there were a few graffiti designs around this wall but Inky over here, along with the shadow of a nearby tree from the dregs of the blood moon, just takes the cake. It’s a unique snap – one that really caught my eye.

That’s the funny thing about everyday life, is you just don’t know when a moment like this will catch your eye.


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