Web Design Project #5: Guess my Number


What:  Guess My Number web page design

Date:  9 April 2014

Learning Outcome Statement (LOS):

  • Javascript
  • Design and Build a game app
  • UX


Guess Cover

Guess Description

Guess Go

Guess Correct

Guess Incorrect Guess Back


Description:  When I get hot with an idea, I RUN WITH IT FAST.

It was only a few days ago I came up with Phases – and now hot on its heels is a game called Guess my Number?  Chris Castaglione gave me the idea in one of his classes in General Assembly and I want to push this idea through given that I am going through my Javascript phase at the moment. 

Listened to this while creating this:  Chopin ‘Nocturne’ at this very moment on Spotify Classical Radio. It’s very calming particularly for writing and designing.

What did I do immediately before creating thisChecked out Rapid Prototyping at General Assembly and Style Tiles and Keynotopia. These are brilliant!

Credits:  Chris C, Jim Hoskins and Bob Tabor. (I am getting into JS at this stage) 

Comment: I have a confession to make. After the end of this month, unless anyone has any qualms, I would like to implement this as my winning design for the month. I need the JS practice and the design for this is quite challenging.

Why am I throwing this design out so quick given the last design was only a couple of days ago? Well the entire design only took an hour. When I piece things out this quick, it’s usually a good indication that I am onto something that I am really feeling. Might as well ride the wave of inspiration! 

LOS check

  1. JS – Yes there will be!
  2. Design and build. Plenty of it!
  3. UX – I believe it is as easy as can be.

About this project:  Initial blog located here and here’s how implemented last month’s winning design. Basically this is a series of designs – 3x a month, beginning March and ending in May. If I have my maths right, that’s 9 designs between March and May with the 3 best designs to be coded here.

And I’ll be storing my collections here.

Until the next design, enjoy your day guys!


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