Slowing things down

I mentioned that I would be slowing things here initially (from 3x a day to 1 a day).

But now I’ll be slowing my posts down once again to perhaps 1-5x posts a week. I really have no idea how I’ll go with this; there will be some weeks where I will have more to say and there will be others where I will have less.

This buys me back some time of course to do my self study, do The Travel Bug and basically get on with other things.

It’s quality not quantity

But don’t go anywhere: I’ll still be here pushing out higher quality content.  

I never really wanted to be the most prolific blogger out there and I guess that was part of the problem with Tumblr; the ecosystem encouraged people to post updates regularly by hitting re-blog. Every single day I would see the same posts from numerous people I subscribed to. And there’s nothing wrong with that, if that is what you’re after. But there was a lack of people actually creating something new out there.

I know WordPress has that same functionality too but the people that use WordPress rarely do. That’s a trait we have as a community – we enjoy writing and creating more than just simply putting stuff out there to keep up with the rest of the social media community.

I am beginning to realise that I need to stop trying to reach the finish line. There is nothing better than careful thought.


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