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Travel BugA little while ago I mentioned that I wanted to grow my Interesting People section and post a catch-up I had with my good buddy Dave.

Well since that chat, we’ve taken things a little bit further and decided to publish his journey here:

I’ll also record future posts under the category “The Travel Bug” – you can do a search at the bottom of the page for the category “The Travel Bug” by clicking on the “+” button.

And so who is this guy named Dave?

Dave is one well-travelled guy, hopping through approximately 50 countries at time of writing (with plans to travel again in May).

He started his travel diary in 1998, before blogging and FB and we partnered up to recreate his story step-by-step i.e. he writes, I edit and design.

Why should I follow these stories?

  • He will appeal to your adventurous side. If you always wondered what it would be like to just pick everything up and go, then Dave is your man.
  • Ever wanted to hear what it’s like living overseas? (and I’m not talking about a 1-month holiday here – Dave would stay in some spots for a quite a while).
  • And Dave is one damn interesting guy. You can follow his gradual transformation from a young man to a more mature, wordly-type.

How often will you post?

Potentially 2-3 a month. All depends on what else we have on our plates.

I myself have been cranking up my web design development on top everything else.

And as mentioned, Dave will be travelling again soon (May) and will be out for 3 months. So posts might slow down in May-July but we hope to get it back to the 2-3 by August.

Final Words

I’ll continue my Interesting People series in due course (time being the biggest constraint).

But until then, I hope to see you in The Travel Bug.


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