Barangaroo up in SMOKE


It wasn’t too long ago that I took this picture of the Barangaroo development. It looked promising and the shot itself wasn’t too shabby.

Well now the site is up in smoke and the fire in Brangaroo absolutely crippled Sydney. Traffic just did not move adding another 30 minutes on the trip home (and I was one of the lucky ones).

We all walked across that side of the floor to see what was going on. Here are some snaps I was able to take:

As it happened

FireAfter 2 hours

Barngaroo Fire

The big headline here is the precarious state of one of the cranes, which if it does tip over, has the potential to smash through the fly-over which connects to the Sydney Harbour Bridge (and connecting Sydney to North and West sides – it’s one of the major connections anyway) OR one of the big buildings close to it (we look close but the crane is not that long).

At some stage however, they would presumably need to pull that thing down as the base of the crane would have taken some damage (I saw the base burning like anything, I’m not sure how strong these things are).

The Traffic it caused

And here’s one of the side effects of the fire: some roads were cleared off causing traffic.

Can you spot the traffic from the abandoned streets?

Traffic Barangaroo trafficThe lag between Twitter and the News

I hit Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) for updates as it happened: nothing.

I checked Twitter under #barangaroo and I had tons of results (some of which looked like they were taken from our building! Nope, not I).

In fact it didn’t hit SMH for another 30 minutes – just after the choppers came in.

If you want the pulse-of-the-moment news: check Twitter.

If you want a detailed report, you’ll need to wait til the media catches up.

But that can take a looooooooooong time.


3 thoughts on “Barangaroo up in SMOKE

    1. Thanks for the comment Haridasgowra. I believe our entire building went to that side to check the incident and for a moment there, the air quality dropped. But building maintenance guys did a great job at flushing it out.

      Let’s see what happens with that crane.

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