The Importance of a Schedule

What's Up?

What I used to do

I have started to time myself as part of my new daily routine. You see I get up quite early and go through some tutorials as part of my self-study routine. But that’s not all I do; I also practice practice practice in Codepen and locally through my machine, I sharpen my design, typography and branding skills, and I also exercise (mind and body must be aligned).

And I post thoughts on this blog and write stuff in marketmeasures.

My routine in the morning used to be all over the shop and there would be times that I would literally waste my mornings and feel that I have not achieved anything.

Enter ‘The Timer‘.

The Importance of Scheduling and Sticking to an allocated Time

So here’ what I do now: I get up and time each activity. My mornings look something like this:

Morning Sprints

  1. Exercise – 20 mins
  2. Read news – 15 mins
  3. Blog – 15 mins
  4. Studies – 30 min
  5. Code – 30 min
  6. Design – 30 min
  7. Exercise
  8. Study…

I do a loop back starting in point 7 Exercise, then after point 8 I do coding again (point 5).

The trick to my morning sprints is to have the ‘Timer’ on and to drop everything once it goes off (I look something like that On and Off buttons in the morning).

Sure I might be in the middle of developing or designing something but forcing to stick to a strict schedule has really forced my mindset to focus at the task at hand and not meander into the never never during my mornings. As as result, I feel that I am getting more stuff done than I previously have.

Have you ever adopted this approach?

Disturbances in ‘The Force’

Now the only things that really throw me off these days are things to do with work that overflow home (you really can’t help it sometimes), helping students in my alma matter (I’m doing one now) and family life.

And of course when I have the flu or if my body needs a rest I just sleep in.

When these things happen, then there are ‘disturbances in the force‘ and I need to be really creative with my time (or sleep when the funky flu hits).

All boils down to knowing your priorities.

Thankfully, I know mine.


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