Web Design Project #1: Sound Waves


What:  Sound Waves web page design

Date:  3 March 2014


 Sound Waves coverSound WavesSound Waves description

sounds post clean sounds post sounds about

Listened to this while creating this:  DeadMau5 | 4×4=12

What did I do immediately before creating this: make myself a part macchiato-part cappuccino with this super-cool coffee machine! Big thanks to D-T for the machine! I can’t live without it now :)

Credits:  No borrowed resources here – object is my own creation.

Comment: Looks easy enough to implement in Codepen.io and initial thought is to use to Flexbox for layout. Mind you I would only implement the 1st page in Codepen (well, that’s the current thinking anyway).

Selecting the appropriate Google Font to match the above could be tricky.

Let’s see how this design stacks up to some of the future ones.

About this project:  Initial blog located here but basically this is a series of designs – 3x a month, beginning March and ending in May. If I have my maths right, that’s 9 designs between March and May with the 3 best designs to be coded here.

The next design is located here.


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