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Food for the Eye

I recently watched Riddick a really average movie (like a cross between Alien and Mad Max) with great visuals.

I really enjoyed the great visuals based on a desert-coloured hue, e.g.


It was such a visual pleasure (script was a let-down – shame that. It could have been so much more).

Off the top of my head, the most visually pleasing movie I have seen is Sin City, which like Riddick, used only a few shades – usually really dark, grim ones with splashes of vibrancy (e.g. bold red) here and there – for the entire movie.

Here’s a snip which uses the dark shades I mentioned:

And yes, the movie’s great – in fact, it’s one of my all-time faves! Robert Rodriguez and crew did a masterful job with this.

The Project

Inspired by the great visuals and my current design studies, I thought that I should start a mini-project soon based on visual design and the web. Here’s what I plan to do:

  1. Create some designs for web pages similar to these
  2. Set a time limit of 3x designs a month up until May starting now (9 in total)
  3. Publish them here
  4. Select 3 best designs and implement them in my Codepen
  5. Cross promote and re-publish them here.

Optional: If truly inspired, bump up to 4x designs a month (1 design a week!)

Point 4: Feel free to have your say by letting me know which designs you think I should go I’ll add a voting poll to capture your feedback.

I will title the project: Web Design Challenge (lack of originality – off to a flying start!)

Stay tuned.


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