Work and Life Balance: What does it really mean?

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I have been thinking about what Work – Life balance thing. I hear this phrase all the time – but what does this really mean?

When work is on, IT’s ON. That’s pretty much a given in most places I’ve worked.

Conversely, when there’s something major happening in your personal life, IT’s ALSO ON. So where does that leave you when there’s a clash?

Well if you do not have an understanding ‘better half’ at home or an understanding manager at work – then it leaves you in a hole. How can anyone possibly have a Work – Life balance without having an understanding ‘better half’ and ‘manager’? It is virtually impossible to please both sides; the trade off is a killer! And this would usually result in misery for the person in-between i.e. you.

Just saying..


5 thoughts on “Work and Life Balance: What does it really mean?

  1. Wow that is a great question. In my 23 years of work and marriage I have struggled as well with this. I am Christian, so I did have the scriptures to refer to about these matters. When I finally did, I realized that in my life, the only way things work out is if I have my priorities in this order;
    1- God
    2- Family
    3- Work

    It seems that if I spend time with God first, He arranges the other stuff that I used to juggle. Now I stare at Him, and leave the details for Him to work out.
    Great topic !


    1. That’s the trick right there – you need to have an assigned priority.

      And I guess the 2nd part to that is, the other party that losses out in the trade-off ought to know that you have clash in priorities with this thing called ‘Life’.

      So long as you call it out and everyone is in the loop, then you will get through it.

      Thanks for the comment TjP

      1. You are welcome. You post good stuff. I am following now. As far as the issue of the other party, if they have the same priorities, all is well. It is when we are unequally yoked that the issues come in. But lets keep touch.!

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