War and Peace – and planning for the Trams


The Trams and Traffic are coming

Nothing gets my goat more these days than sitting in traffic; it’s simply a necessary evil living in a major city.

Or is it? Surely other major capitals can’t be as bad as peak hour George Street in Sydney. The mere travel home should take 10 minutes max and not the 45 it takes on the bus. I’ve been coming up with some inventive ways to pass time these days on the trip home.

Think I’m exaggerating? Here’s another opinion:

”If you get on a bus at Circular Quay and try to get to Central on a rainy Friday night, you’re taking 40 minutes,” Byres says.

And now the news of the trams have hit the headlines again warning locals of nightmarish delays. Traffic and delays are inevitable when the work finally commences but can it really be as bad as our current reality? Here’s a snippet from that article:


– Tram from Circular Quay to Central Station, Randwick and Kingsford

– To be built by about 2019

– Estimated $1.6 billion cost

– George Street to be closed to traffic during construction

Alright, 2019. Looks like I’m wrong – it can, and probably will, get worse!

Sydney Trams back in the day

On a side note, I decided to look at the history of trams in Sydney and was pleased to see the results:

Time warp to a better place!

And if you were wondering what happened to all those tracks, this site has done a good job in tracking the history.

Unfortunately our current reality, and the reality we are about to face when construction finally starts, does not look too good.


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