Underwater Memories

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Big Whoopsies

I just had one of those OMG moments. I had a rough weekend 2 weekends ago you see when I heard some bad news regarding my aunt. This is what happened:

  • I went and grabbed a few drinks with a friend who I haven’t seen for more than a year (I was the best man for his wedding – and we haven’t caught up for more than a year…say what?). This was the night before.
  • The day after I had a side splitting headache and after chowing down a nice greasy breakfast, I received The News.
  • I was distraught and caught by surprise and felt horrible having had the chance to visit her during my US trip…but didn’t (time was against me BUT I will regret this for rest of my life)
  • In all my infinite wisdom at that point in time, I decided to drown it out by taking a swim.

Now here’s a word of advice for anyone that decides to swim after a hangover and messed up head: DON’T DO IT.

What I then did was dive in the pool without emptying my pockets – which of course, had my mobile phone. BAM! There goes my photo memories of some parts of the US trip!

Underwater Memories

Well I did not lose all of my snaps. Most automatically backed up to the cloud with some of the social media platforms I subscribe too. But for whatever reason, the online platforms did not back up everything.

So here I am, writing this short post, sadly interrupted by the shocking discovery of losing my Ground Zero photos (I was in the midst of writing my last Sydney – NYC post and was about to insert the pics – then I found out they were not backed up).

This absolutely sucks the big one and I sure hope I learn from this sad experience.

The New iPhone

On a side note, I rushed to the Apple Shop and bought a new iPhone…with waterproof cover (just in case!). What a surprisingly expensive (and sad) weekend.

I’m sure there are a lot of subtle differences with this phone and my underwater one (2 versions prior) but I honestly can’t spot it (outside the superior camera). And it won’t ever bring back those memories.

And yes I did put my old wet phone in a bag of rice to try to soak up the moisture but unfortunately, it’s gone for good.


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