A New Beginning

What's Up?

Here I am

I am soooo happy to BE BACK!

I was offline for a good part of this week redirecting and transferring content from one site to another.

What are the changes?

I guess when I initially started blogging, I did not anticipate my evolution as a blogger. My original intent was to post stuff about work; the job market, careers, interesting people and stuff like that. But then I started writing about things that were more personal and also reshared content that I liked. And so it grew from being a work-space to a more personal-space and i muddied up the 2 concerns into 1.

I had a look at how a few people have tackled this situation – some have one blog which have one page dedicated to work and another to their personal side.

Others have 2 blogs; a professional work site and a personal site.

I, of course, chose the latter as I always believe in separating the 2; when it comes to work, you slip into your work persona and when your just blogging about anything and everything, well then you’re a very different person!

A New Beginning

I am feeling refreshed and so happy to be writing and sharing once again.

And I really could not have done it without the super-support of the wonderful guys at WordPress. Kevin in particular has been incredible in asking the write questions when I fluffed through my own requirements. KEVIN, you are a STAR!

Have an incredible day / evening wherever you are!


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