They hide in OILS


I am an Andre-appreciator.

He hides the main objects through masterful layers creating a dense, sensuous and truly unique pieces.

Here’s a little bit more on the man himself –

André Schmucki (b. 1967, Switzerland)

Artists states: painting’s harbor a distinct hauntological methodology in which the representational image is mystified through layers of paint. Leaving the image distant and intriguing.

It is commonly believed that the primary function of dreams is to psychologically balance and compensate for matters left unsettled during our waking hours.


One thought on “They hide in OILS

  1. While I was offline, I received this comment from a reader:
    Dear Mr. Perry Carbonell,

    concerning the Art of Andre Schmucki – it is quite obvious that it is painted over photo prints on canvas … the technical data are not correct, which is very annoying. If the artist would honest here, you might still find some nice works. But this way is a fake way…it is very easy to create such a canvas with photo print and oil layers.

    Best regards
    Susanne Heise, art historian
    I promised to post it after the site was back up – hence..

    As for the comment itself, I am not an art historian but I do appreciate this as a piece of art. I am obviously not bothered about how this was created; but am appreciative of the end result.

    Like everything else in this world – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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