It’s been a tough week

What's Up?

A funny thing happens when some big random event happens; you lose your rhythm and routine, and your flow gets messed up.

Now my auntie and I were separated by many miles and many years. And yes we were both guilty of not keeping tabs of each.

But now and then I would reminisce; it could be a stranger’s laugh, it could a car yard I would pass, or it could be the warmth between 2 people. I would remember my auntie with these moments.

It’s been tough getting up in the morning and plodding through some code. It’s been tough trying to piece together my new Job Market report. It’s been tough at work. But you come to expect this.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, my mum advised me that a distant auntie from my dad’s side also passed away on the weekend.
Dreaming of the StarsIt’s times like that where I wish I could trade places with this stargazer. I would love to just sit there all night and not say a word…to help reconcile the events that have just gone by and be at peace with the world around me.

Just as a side note, some people might wonder how I am even able to post stuff on the weekend. I do have a few posts saved on draft. It’s no big deal – it’s kinda automatic. But there are times like this where writing really helps. It’s a soul soother.

n.b. the click here for the snap source.


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