Summer in Sydney (and dropping Tumblr)

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The ABSOLUTE LAST TIME I’ll be taking the beach for granted

It’s easy to take the beach for granted when you have a lot of things to do even on weekends.

It’s even easier when you have a pool in the house.

But going to the beach yesterday served as a wake-up call: Do not ever take the beach for granted ever again –

@4 pm

@4 pm

The afternoon shade

The afternoon shade

Manly 3

Home time – approx 6 pm

It was a perfect 27 degrees, the water was warm and clear, and the crowds were small around this time of day.

Yesterday’s intent was simple: have a 30 minute afternoon swim.

2 hours later..

I’ll be booking my swim for next weekend already. We’re slated to have another 28 degree day of summer perfection.

(a BIG hello to all North American readers – and for that matter, everyone who is going through a harsh winter. Hope that the cold snap is under control)

Dropping Tumblr

On a side, you may have noticed changes to the this site and my other MMA site. I’m tracking to my NY resolution and have to let a few things go. I even had to cut Tumblr (along with 1500 followers) on the weekend. It was a bit sad at first but completely necessary. I will  not let go of WordPress however as the freedom to write and communicate in a personal way is something I appreciate more.

Just for context, this blog has a modest 500 followers or so – 1000 less than Tumblr. I even had viral hits in Tumblr – this other post was also gaining a lot of noise of late.

But the Tumblr ecosystem is just very different and connecting to followers is not easy.

I have bought some personal time back and intend to use it where it matters most.


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