Dirty Little Secrets


Sarah Rosado.

Artist extraordinaire has gone all grainy on us and created these incredibly unique pieces of art using, of all things, dirt.

Check these out:



Sarah-Rosado-Art-10-e1384115707739 Sarah-Rosado-Art-5-e1384115802546
Sarah-Rosado-Art-6-e1384115784369 Sarah-Rosado-Art-4-e1384115845352 Sarah-Rosado-Art-8-e1384115753660Sarah-Rosado-Art-7-e1384115770487


Ridiculously good.The meticulous amount of detail and precision is something I really admire.

My fave? The first 2 and the last one for the pure escapist fun. What a great imagination!


2 thumbs to Sarah and let’s all help support her reach her goals.


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