What’s next in 2014?

What's Up?

A new year has hit and it’s resolution time once again.

What did I achieve last year?

I felt like I slept through last year and that I was not as hard on myself as I should have been. This is what I was doing:

Get up at 4 am, get on Tumblr, WordPress (this site and MMA In Practice), G+, tweet, share and re share. And that’s just social media.

On top of that I check emails, do work stuff, do family stuff etc. I am essentially doing too many things and not doing any one thing well.

So what’s up in 2014

Things must, and will, change this year though. I will go harder on the self learning and teach myself to code better in HTML CSS and JS first quarter this year (possibly all the way to first half). After that, I’ll be hitting Ruby on Rails pretty hard. This is all web development. I am eager to learn and extend myself – and do something truly unique in the future.

I tried to do this last year but could have done so much better.

This means that I will tail back on the posts from my usual 3-4, to 1 a day which I have been doing during my Christmas holidays. This leaves me a little breathing space for studying and sanity.


I will try to mix it up a little bit more by adding more content in the What’s Up category of this blog. Haha – yes I’ll finally use this more as a proper blog. I’ll start that off with my Sydney – NYC series based on my recent trip.

And what about the rest?

If you’re subscribing to my Tumblr, you might notice that I have more posts through that channel. It’s because the content and the Tumblr medium itself is a little bit friendlier for reblogging.

I might tail off my aggressive MMA In Practice calendar too just to make sure if don’t overwhelm myself.

Wishing you all the best

I hope you guys have your own action plan in place this year.

And I wish you guys the best in following through with that. It’s all in the execution at the end of the day.

p.s. the gif via All-in-Colors.


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