Dancing with Light


It’s a majestic dance with lights and its stunning! 

This effect is achieved with a man and an orb light. Here’s a little bit more from the original text:

Light? No one says it moves. It dances. Nuance, a new short by French filmmaker Marc-Antoine Locatelli, takes that turn of phrase and makes it literal, pairing an orb of light with a street dancer in a frenetic choreography of shadow and illumination.

The piece came out of a school project at the Beaux-Arts d’Epinal, where Locatelli and his fellow students were asked to imagine how art would continue to evolve. “I began wondering if man would succeed in taming a new kind of music,” Locatelli tells Co.Design. Specifically, the director envisioned a future in which dance and music were conjoined, a self-referential loop in which a dancer would move his body to rhythms that, in turn, the movements of his body produced.

Check out the source post which has the full vid. It is magnificent!


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