My Xmas Seasons

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I will be having 2 Christmas seasons in 1 day!

Yes, you heard it right: “2 Christmas Seasons in 1 day“.

I will be spending half a Xmas day here in Sydney (25th) and will be flying off to NYC in the afternoon. Because of how time zones work, I will be arriving in New York on Christmas Day too (25th all over again).

But the gods of the hemispheres are with me and will award me (hopefully) with a very Summer Xmas here in Sydney AND a White Xmas in NYC – all in one day (hope it keeps snowing in NYC).

No – I was not inspired by some celeb that travels during NYE and celebrates the coming year in 2 different cities. Work is shutting down for 2 weeks and so I had this chance to have a holiday (and I haven’t had one forever and a day mind you – most Australians have a month off each year whereas I usually take a week max).

Airfares work out cheaper during Christmas Day itself, as opposed to traveling just before or after Christmas (I guess you would have to be mad enough like us to travel on that day!)

I will take snaps of both my Summer and Winter Xmas and share them across.

This also means that I will tone down my blogs during the holidays (for 2 weeks) starting today (well maybe re-blog stuff I find interesting at least). I have to recharge the batteries and all that.

p.s. that Xmas cheer was brought to us by that Jumping Girl.

Enjoy the festive season all! Bring on Summer and Winter!


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