I wish you nothing but the BEST

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I attempted to pay my doctor a random visit yesterday as I was not feeling the best. This guy has been the family doctor for almost 10 years which may not sound long, but when you come to rely on a guy time and time again, it is a lifetime.

I was floored to learn that he retired abruptly. After instinctively asking the receptionist whether he was OK, she assured me that he was fine and did not offer any other explanation.

This is ironic; I remember looking at him during my last visit and thought “how long will I be blessed with having such a thorough doctor?”  This is a guy who will check you from head to toe for a simple cold. This is a man who through his connections will call specialists and make sure you are in the front of the queue (saving a lot of your time if you were to wait for the standard process). This is someone who quite literally, saved the life of a good friend by diagnosing pneumonia, rushed him to hospital and coordinated the emergency procedure.

Nothing upsets me more than leaving without closure. Closure on my side – I am sure he has had his.

Thank you David, for all the quality time. You will be missed and we wish you nothing but the very BEST in your retirement.

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