Never Ending Stories


There’s a few interesting stories as part of this post. Take the snap above of a subway in New York:

Second Avenue Subway; New York

New York City’s Second Avenue Subway has been a bane in Gotham’s side since 1929, when the idea for a rapid-transit line beneath Second Avenue first came to fruition. Often referred to as the line that time forgot, it has incurred a series of starts and stops—mostly due to low funds and construction issues, such as the delayed delivery of a tunnel-boring machine—for nearly a century. If ever completed, the Second Avenue Subway will run 8.5 miles from 125th Street in Harlem south to Hanover Square in New York’s Financial District. Today, construction is proceeding, but only a two-mile stretch and three subway stations are complete and scheduled to open in December 2016. Funding for the remainder of the more than $17 billion project is yet to be approved.

With low economic growth worldwide, a few of these might take longer than others.


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