Sesame Street invades London


Could this be The Count from Sesame Street’s handiwork?

No it’s not but these #’s did invade London per the original post description:

Numbers in the City

These are just fantastic. Huge aluminium numerals, brightly painted, and each on its own plinth, all on display in the centre of London.

Numbers 1-0 is a piece by Robert Indiana, originally created in the early ’80s. This version is on display as part of Sculpture in the City 2013 where 10 installations are on view around the City of London (you know, the city within London), including Indiana’s more well-known piece,LOVE.

I took these pictures this morning on Lime street, a side road between the famous Lloyds building and other modern, steels and glass structures. Each number is really vibrant setting the usually grey street alight with colour.

A lesson in counting well presented. I can hear toddlers and big kids rejoice from here.


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