Seaside Stilt Hotel



Sturdy, I take it – so long as there’s no wild storm and erosion. But it’s quite unique and is begging to be shared.

Here’s the description from the source:

Amazing Seaside Hotel on Stilts

Fogo Island in Canada began to multiply amazing and ambitious architectural projects. This time, teams created a stunning sea-side hotel named the ‘Fogo Island Inn’. This amazing feat of architecture has about a third of the hotel balanced on what look like giant stilts. The hotel offers 29 rooms and living areas of outstanding natural beauty. The use of windows in this hotel’s design allow for full view of the supreme beauty of the ocean.

The hotel is located on the stunning Fogo Island, a remote, accessible island located off the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland, Canada – just over halfway between the equator and the North Pole. Its climate features seven seasons. It is the largest of an archipelago of islands at the very eastern edge of the North American continent; Far, far away yet close enough for short getaways.


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