PearlTrees – A Gem of an App

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This is so random.

I stumbled upon Pearl Trees this morning and I immediately attacked it i.e. signed up > load fave links > shared.  What exactly is it? It’s a social media tool where you can insert your fave web pages, notes and photos online. So how is this different from the other sites out there? It reminds me of Pocket where you store your favourite web pages online and access it through any device. But the one advantage Pearl Trees have, IMO, is the mind-mapping format in which you layout your page, e.g.




n.b. reminds me of the Visual Thesaurus.

So in the above example, if you click on ‘business’, the page opens the business page which has 27 pearls (or web pages and notes). Easy, simple and charming. Not only can I organise my thoughts mind-map style, I can now embed my hyperlinks and notes in there too and pick it up on my mobile, tablet or laptop.

And the real kicker? You can share your pearls with others and you can pick (or select) other pearls too (from other users). The entire sharing concept may lead to new tools / resources out there in the web – and potential collaboration with like minded users (I take it).   So that’s my 5-minute share for today and happy to link up with other Pearl users out there -> here’s my link:



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