Street Grace and Flair


It’s like a dance, only the performance takes place in the street.

I enjoy looking at these as it gives me something to day dream about like Walter Mitty.

The original post description:

Here’s a recent collaborative project I did with world free running champion, Tim Shieff. As a pioneer of the rapidly-growing sport, Tim’s ethos is centred around thinking outside of the box – showcasing physical creativity and injecting energy into the places that people overlook on a daily basis. We embarked on this with the aim of creating a series of photographs that were not only removed from polished action sports imagery, but also demonstrated an amalgamation of our respective styles. Using 1970’s brutalist architecture as a common backdrop, we ventured around many of London’s bleak council estates and concrete developments looking for the right spaces and pockets of light to work with. By focusing on the quieter moments, we wanted to portray the strength, balance and precision that epitomise Tim’s approach and go towards making him an artist as much as an athlete.


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