Sao Paulo Street Invasion


How strange! What in the world is this all about and why is it invading the streets of Sao Paulo?

But there’s a good reason for this oddity. This from the source:

URBAN STREET ART:  Super-Sized Characters invade the Streets of São Paulo!

São Paulo, Brazil’s largest and most dynamic city, has long been famous for its innovative modern art and its gridlocked roads (among other things). Now street artist TEC, an Argentinian transplant, has been busily decorating the city’s asphalt roadways with lively figures. TEC emblazons the streets at night, equipped with a paint roller, creating enormous creatures that appear to be moving through the urban jungle of this mega-city. Sometimes compared to the Nazca Lines of Peru, these super-sized figures also are best appreciated from above. TEC’s style of urban street art evolved out of his interest in logos and comic-book characters: as he was more interested in colorful characters than in calligraphy and letter based graffiti, he developed his own grand style on the streetscapes. I love how it humanizes the sprawling roadways of this mega-city, don’t you? You can check out more of his work here.


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