Just what is up with that guy?

What's Up?

I’m full ideas and I write most of these on paper. Some are good, some are poo and most of the time, I don’t really know which ones are going to take off from the others that won’t.

It’s like this snap here:


Some lights are on and some are not, for whatever reason.

But here’s a personal update from my crazy world:

  • Work has been a killer of late. I’m aligning global standards for my project and it’s not that easy when one area uses the latest standard and another area uses another standard. The problem is a bit technical in nature but the alignment work is painful;
  • I’ve finally realised that I am using the wrong internet product as I use a USB sitck which gives me a limited access to the internet. The USB product was meant for laptop users who are on the go. Now I don’t really move my laptop from home so I thought it was worth reviewing my internet plan as I run my monthly access 3 weeks in the monthly cycle – leaving me a week of very slooooooow service. This really limits my work, blog, studies and life;
  • Losing my wallet and connecting everything to do with your cards is just painful. Since then, I bought a less chunky wallet – lower probability of falling off my pocket, at least that is what I’ve convinced myself;
  • Studying is hard yakka. It becomes impossible after point 2;
  • Serious blogging is also hard yakka. A lot of tidy-ups went into my post about Lehman here, and I have another one already recorded on a colleague who is a classical pianist and an analyst (I’ll try to get that out in a few weeks); and,
  • Tweeting is fun but going through your dashboard is another time-consuming event; and finally,
  • Life. Need I say more?

But just to prove to you that I’m not as boring as that, today I spent half a day chilling with family and friends at the beach:




Micronesia? Not quite. I’m still in Sydney.

Keep in mind that we’re also in Spring downunder but it’s a warm 33 degrees. So the sun was hot but the water still a bit cool.

We got here quite early so a few people went for a swim just after lunch.

But lo and behold, I had to leave after lunch and head home to do some work.

..but did have some time to sneak in this 5 minute download.

Thanks to All-in-Colors for the light snap above. And hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend!



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