Street Walks # 7: Back Alley Action

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Frederic Ozanam. The founder of Saint Vincent de Paul (commonly known as ‘Vinnies’).

I’ve managed to take some cool snaps in Bridge Street, Stanmore of this warehouse owned by Vinnies which was in the process of being designed by street artists. 

Now these structures – the walls along the back alley and in front of the building – are really huge and these snaps are really not doing it justice (I’ll take more pics shortly).

Old School

Pattern Colour

Action Shot 2

Street Shark





Action shotThese snaps were taken a couple of weeks ago now and one of the guys mentioned that another part of the wall was going to be mural-ed, if there was ever such a word, in the coming weeks.  And so I really must head back there to see if they managed to complete this wonderful wall.

Coincidentally, The Silly Monkeys is located approx 10 minutes from here, as are a few of the snaps taken here.


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