The Wolf of Wall Street

What's Up?

I’m a bit of a book worm and love picking up all sorts of books whenever I have spare time (which is not a lot at the moment).

So what do you do when you buy a book that you don’t enjoy? Here are your choices –

Unfortunately for me, I’m a finisher which means that no matter how painful it is, I follow it through to the bitter end (there was only one exception to this and strangely enough, I don’t even remember the title of that forgettable book).

So with the above as a backdrop, you can pretty much guess where I stand with The Wolf of Wall Street. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a well written and witty book. But my problem is one of expectations – I expected more of When Genius Failed, but instead I received a dose of sex, prostitutes, selfishness, greed and BS behind ‘The Street’. This is similar to expecting a documentary and receiving TMZ (no offense to TMZ of course, they’re good at what they do). So If you want to read about the dirt behind how some of these games are played out then by all means, this book is for you. The book is quite candid with what happens behind closed doors.

But if you’re tired of reading about the BS, as you really want the world to just move on from this crap, then this book is not for you.  It’s a little bit sad when I start skimming through the pages in a vain attempt to finish the book sooner rather than later (I have books on backlog; Seven Ancient Wonders, Too Big to Fail, The Chimera Vector – big thanks Nathan! – and a couple of tech books).

That said, this might still be a good movie. In fact, I believe that this would make for a better movie than a book (one of the few exceptions to that old rule). I’m sure Leonardo would work his magic right across the seriously-flawed main character so I will keep my eye out for the flick.

But until then, please do excuse me for now.

..I have some skimming to do.


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